Billboard magazine has mentioned Green Day as one of the big bands coming back in 2009. Here's a scan. The little burb makes a nice note about the fact that Green Day hauled in over $30 million dollars from their tour alone.

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Christopher Walsh from ProSound News posted up an interview he had with Butch Vig last fall. He talks a bit about working with Green Day, mostly compliments, saying he was impressed with Billie's lyrics. The most telling part of the interview comes when Butch Vig (Butch? Mr. Vig? Can't decide if i feel right calling him either one of those) mentions that they're aiming for the album to be out in May or June.

That timeline is pretty much where I've felt it would be. The band had hinted at a summer 09 release before, and I knew if it wasn't late spring it'd be summer. If they really did wrap up recording, then a few months of editing/mastering/promoting seems about right. Lets keep our fingers crossed from some word from the band about a concrete day so we can stop all this damn guessing.
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