Follow GDA on threads! @gdauthority posted up a new video (runs about 3.5 minutes) with a bunch of old clips of the band, both from music videos and past live shows. It ends with the words "Now in 2009 comes the encore the World has been waiting for", then the new album cover and the same short "Sing us a song of the century" audio that is currently on the homepage of the official site.

It seems like basically a 3.5 minute promo, a sort of refresher in case anyone forgot who Green Day is. Lets hope that it's more of a teaser of things to come. This was posted on the Idiot Club yesterday.

Update: You can download the video from our affliate, 1039 Sweet Children.

Also, "encore" seems like a crappy word to use when Green Day said in the past that they wanted to move beyond American Idiot. Let the two albums stand separately. Aside than that minor gripe, it's still a nicely done video to get you pumped about things to come.
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