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The official online store has been updated with a ton of new, really awesome shirts (all around $25), but they are not available for purchase yet. You can also pre-order the album there and get one of the new shirts, this one is probably my favorite. Not sure when they’ll actually go on sale, but at least you can look at them to know how much money to start saving up.

Many of you have been wondering about those 4 bonus iTunes tracks, while the names have still not been released, some of you were wondering if they’d be available anywhere else (such as the Special Edition many pre-ordered from, but for right now, those songs are iTunes exclusive. If you've already pre-ordered the album from somewhere else, you might want to hold off on ordering another till we get the names of them, so you can at least know if those are the b-sides (Lights Out/Hearts Collide) or new songs. I'm thinking I'll probably pre-order from iTunes since I didn't pre-order anywhere else, then I'll just go to the store the day of to have a physical CD.

MuchMusic posted up a short article about an interview with the band.
"It was hard man, I went nuts…it was good nuts," revealed frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. "You know, I think it was just second guessing and triple guessing, and being our own worst critics."

"We're our own worst critics in a way but it makes sure the job gets done right," Tre Cool added. "No wine is served before its time" "It was kind of this process that was unfolding over six months," said Billie Joe. "I'm slightly biased but we're really happy with the outcome."
A full interview will air on MuchNews Weekly on Monday April 27th. Thanks to Melody for the news

Also, we expect the venue list for the tour to be released next week. Don’t forget that we’re going to be regularly updating the tour page with as many details as we can for each show. And next week, after the venues are announced, we’ll be making a dedicated place on our forum for each show, so that those people planning on attending can talk with other fans who will be attending. Links will be posted here once that’s up.

Now, I’d like some feedback from you guys about how often we post news. We try not to post more than once per day, to keep things readable and not overwhelming. But, how would you guys feel if we started making 2-3 posts a day when we get new information? To help keep things easy to navigate, we’ve added the “Headlines” button at the top of the page to show all the recent news entries, and when viewing an entry, the “Newer - Older” links below each post will help navigate through them.
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