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Last night Green Day played in Pittsburgh, PA at the Mellon Arena. Green Day's shows are getting better every tour stop that they make. For example last night Green Day played many older songs such as 2000 Light Years Away, JAR, At the Library, and Going to Pasalacqua.

When Billie came out to play the last song Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) he surprised the crowd with a song that had only been played once before at the sound check of the Philadelphia show! This song was Drama Queen. You can watch a video on YouTube.com of the song by clicking here. For the full set list go into the comments and look at the first comment.

[+] I have just added a bunch of really nice pictures from last nights show into this album of our Picture Vault.

[+] There has been a lot of really nice videos on YouTube.com from last nights show. Here are a few channels with good videos: Pittguy2012, mymovesarewhite, jazmenmetz13, and haggertus.

[+] Here are two great reviews of last nights show for you from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
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