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Green Day continued to rock thousands last night at the US Airways Arena in Phoenix, AZ.

The set list for last night’s show had some nice oldies in it including The Judges Daughter, 2000 Light Years Away, and When I Come Around. During Billie’s acoustic encore Billie played the song Last Night on Earth followed by Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). The full set list is posted in the comment section.

[+] We have just added a few photos from last night’s show into this album of our Picture Vault.

[+] So far we only have one video from last night’s show from user ChibiLauryn.

If you have pictures or videos from last night, please send them to us at

Also this week on VH1's Top 20 Countdown the video for 21 Guns came in at the #1 spot. Keep voting for them in the Top 20 Countdown so we can keep Green Day in the #1 spot!
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