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Pinhead Gunpowder's newest LP is now available on 4 different color vinyl from Recess Records. These are limited edition in Blue, Red, Clear, and Green vinyl. The LP, titled "Kick Over The Traces," is a collection of Pinhead Gunpowder's greatest hits over the years which was released earlier this summer.

While the vinyl is great for collection, or if you're really into vinyl, most of you don't have a record player. So if you want the CD, you can order it from Amazon.com

Check back tomorrow as we'll be giving away a copy of the white 7" vinyl of "West Side Highway", which includes the title song and "On The Ave."

Quick history lesson for those of you that are confused. Pinhead Gunpowder is a band Billie Joe plays in along with Jason White (Green Day's backup guitarist), Aaron Cometbus and Bill Schneider (Green Day's tour manager). The band has been a part-time side project for all members since the early 90's. They played a few shows last year, then released a new EP titled "7" with 3 songs in August of last year, which you can still find on Amazon.com and iTunes. Earlier this year they followed with a release of their greatest hits, titled "Kick Over the Traces". Full band bio can be found on pinheadgunpowder.com.
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