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[newsImage]102510_worldstage.jpg[/newsImage]Green Day's performance on MTV World Stage ([turl=]which is nominated[/turl] for an EMA) will be shown in cinemas in select cities across Europe on November 15. It will be one night only, and the final list of cities will be announced soon. Parts of this performance were played on TV in Europe last year, and in the USA (on VH1) earlier this year. This performance was filmed in Munich, Germany last year.

The current list of cinemas playing this can be found on Arts Alliance Media, which currently lists Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, and the UK. We're waiting for the final list to be released by the band.

Here's a trailer for the event

You can watch some videos from this performance on MTV (Canada only). You'll have to search your country's MTV site to see if they have it listed. It's also on YouTube (for now).

Thanks to greenbear for posting the news on the forum
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