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Green Day's awesome June 26 performance at Asbury Park, NJ will air on HBO's Reverb on August 15th. Look for me in the audience. :) That show was fucking awesome! I don't have HBO but hopefully someone will tape it for me.

Just so you know, I fucked up that Maria MP3. It's actually Pinhead Gunpowder's New Blood. Sorry bout that. I tried downloading Maria on Kazaa, but they all were Sometimes I Don't Mind.

Anyway, I heard Waiting featured on the commerical for Showtime's new comedy "Going to California".

And last for Green Day news, the new greatest hit CD due out for November 5 is going to be called "International Superhits" and will also feature a DVD of all of the band's videos. Also the only other thing I have to tell you is that the multimedia page is up in The Band section.

And if you care I added a picture to my biography in The Site's section. Oh yeah I'm not gonna be around this coming weekend, so don't cry if I don't e-mail you back right away.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I'm still looking for a fucking webmaster goddamnit!
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