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By Courtney /Aug. 30, 2001 / Comments
Green Day recently won Kerrang's Award for Classic Songwriter. All together, they were nominated for 3 awards; Classic Songwriter which they won, Best International Live Act (lost to Papa Roach), & Best Band in the World (lost to Slipknot). No offense Slipknot fans, but Green Day really got fucked on that award. Anyway, see a picture of Billie Joe from the Awards Ceremony below this post. 'International Superhits' is confirmed
for release on November 6, 2001, and will include 2 new songs, including Maria. A video for one of those unreleased tracks is also expected to be filmed soon. +

+ Speaking of Maria, the webmaster of Green Day Fan Site was awesome enough to let me use his mp3 of Maria on this site....a real one this time folks. I heard it for the first time and I think it's awesome! Now you can hear it too, just click here to download it. Green Day Fan Site was also listed as an
affiliate. And while we're on the subject of websites, The Billie Joe Obcession Network has pictures of Green Day's Behind the Music episode if you missed it. As for this site, Maria was added to the Multimedia section, the Downloads page is complete, and the Discography & Lyrics page is getting closer to completing also. I'm still looking for a co-webmaster or 2, but from the looks of it, it seems like nobody can help me. *sigh* And one more
bone I need to pick with you guys, sign my guestbook dammit.
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