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[newsImage]103010_bj_costarica.jpg[/newsImage]Green Day played their final show of the 21st Century Breakdown tour, which started (partly) in April 2009, last night in Costa Rica. An article from titled "Green Day Punk Costa Rica", talks about last night's show:
[quote]The show, which wound its way through the anthology of Green Day's 23 years of punk hits, encapsulated what has kept Green Day atop a genre that has seen many others come and go during the '90s and '00s. Amid explosions, fireworks, water hoses on stage and several theatrical, crowd-involving diversions from the music, the groupĀ“s effervescent energy, embodied by front man Billie Joe Armstrong, remains just as highly charged as it was 16 years ago, when Green Day first found commercial success with the 1994 album "Dookie."[/quote]
GDA co-owner, J'net, attended the final performance and added,
[quote]Had an awesome, awesome, awesome show! One of the best ever ... no doubt about it.[/quote]
The setlist from last night was pretty spectacular, with the band playing a nice selection of older songs - One Of My Lies, Road to Acceptance, Disappearing Boy, Brat, Dominated Love Slave, One For The Razorbacks, I Was There, Only Of You, and Christie Road - to name a few.

And with that, we bid adieu to the 21st Century Breakdown World Tour. We'll try to get a full recap of it in the next couple weeks.
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