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[turl=][newsImage]110110_music_ss.jpg[/newsImage][/turl]I'm very happy to finally be able to share this project with you guys. For (at least) the past few weeks (months?) Matt and I have been working to completely re-build the 'Music' section. We wanted to have a place where everything related to Green Day's music was tied into one place, easy to view and consistent. Kind of a one-stop-shopping for everything related to their music. We've worked hard to put as much information as we could into it, and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Check out the [turl=]all new Green Day Music section[/turl]. You'll also find that the new section is linked directly to "The Music" tab at the top of the site.

This new section features two main areas, the album page that you see when you first get to the section, and the "song page". The album page lists all of Green Day's albums, short descriptions about them, links to purchase the albums, and you can click on a drop down list to view all the tracks. When you click on a song title, you get taken to a "song page" that has a description about the song at the top, chart history, embedded music video, lyrics, song meanings (which you can cycle through), list of other tracks on the album, and finally at the bottom, a place for you guys to leave your comments on individual songs. Comments are hidden by default, but you can click the Comment header to display them.

So far my favorite section has to be the "Unreleased, Limited, and Rare Songs" which is listed at the bottom of the album list. This is a collection we made as an easy-to-find list of songs that haven't been released on albums. We went through and added a description about where each of the songs came from. Songs like Chocolate Rain, Dreamcatcher, The Saints Are Coming, and many more. You'll find links to download some of the songs (some for free if they're no longer available to purchase), videos for some, lyrics for most.

Songs that have music video have a icon next to them, and songs that we can offer for download have a icon next to them.

Like I said, I'm very excited about this section finally being available for you guys to use. [turl=]Check it out[/turl], and leave your feedback as a comment on this post. If you guys have any suggestions on how to make it better, let us know. There might be some bugs as people start playing around with stuff, if you come across anything that doesn't work, let us know as well.

Oh, and Happy November 1st.
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