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[newsImage]110710_malin.jpg[/newsImage]Earlier this year Green Day worked with Jesse Malin (rock musician from New York who also released an album on Billie Joe's Adeline Records), and the song will premiere tonight.

New York City DJ, Rich Russo, posted on Twitter earlier [quote]2nite at 9p radio show 3hrs Ken Laguna in studio! New westerberg! New bruce! New Jesse/green day! Plus Greg has a secret show announcement[/quote]

We assume the new song is "Depression Times", which Jesse was asked about earlier this year in this interview[quote]True/False: You recorded 'Depression Times' at Stratosphere Studios with Green Day and Bob Gruen producing? (Has this been released/ due to be?)
Jesse: It has not been released yet.[/quote]

We'll find out what it is tonight at some point during the 3 hour show which starts at 9pm eastern. We'll update the post after it's been played

Udpate 11/08/2010 at 12:08am EST: The song was not played due to "technical issues" described by the radio host as "we cannot get the system to load the track." He mentioned that he will have to try and play it next Sunday.

Photo by Bob Gruen. Thanks to Trina for posting this on the forum
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