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[turl=][newsImage]111210_liveshot.jpg[/newsImage][/turl]Earlier this year Billie Joe mentioned [turl=]on Twitter[/turl] the band was recording the tour to make a live album. The band confirmed this [turl=]in an interview[/turl] and mentioned that they've recorded every show during the tour. We can now confirm that a concert DVD will be released with the album, and we can expect it in late-spring or early-summer 2011.

An exact release date hasn't been set, as all the details are still being worked out. We don't know what shows they'll include, the setlist or the format of the DVD (whether it'll just be a concert performance on DVD, a mix of multiple shows, if they'll include little cut-away interviews like Bullet in a Bible did) - all that stuff won't be known till later on.

I know for Green Day fans waiting is painful. Let's remember the the guys have been on tour for the past year and a half and are hopefully enjoying a little break from all that now. Then they have to pick out the setlist, what shows they want to include, send it off to be mastered, and now that we know a DVD is coming as well - it'll take time to go through all the footage and edit something together.

It'll be great to have another live album and DVD, especially for this tour, because the band has been at the top of their game. Now we can just hope that they'll include some of the older material (along with Cigarettes and Valentines) which they performed during the tour.

When more details become available, we'll be sure to pass it along.
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