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[newsImage]111710_projects.png[/newsImage]We're in full-swing here at GDA, the team has been working on a bunch of different projects, and many more still to come. One thing we worked on this past week was to make a home for information about Other Projects Green Day has worked on (or is currently working on).

We've added the "Projects" tab to the top of the site, which links to a few specific sections.

[turl=]American Idiot Musical[/turl] - A page dedicated to all the information we have about the musical. About it's formation, it's debut in California, and the move to Broadway.

[turl=]Foxboro Hot Tubs[/turl] - All about the tubbies! They were unleashed in December 2007, followed with a short tour and a full album release in spring of 2008. Since then they've played in the UK, a couple shows in NY, and given us "It's Fuck Time". All the details about them can be found here.

[turl=]The Network[/turl] - One of Green Day's "in between" projects, which released an album while the band was between Warning and American Idiot. Unlike Foxboro, they never admit to being The Network. But really...

We do plan on adding more to the Projects section soon, stuff like Pinhead Gunpowder, Green Day in Movies, Green Day + NRDC. That'll probably be in the next few weeks.
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