[img=2011mmmwinner.jpg]Congratulations Green Day fans! We are the champions of the 2011 MTV's Musical March Madness! Green Day ended up winning by less than 2,500 votes.

[quote]Green Day jumped out to an early lead, then held on for dear life as Hayley Williams and Co. staged a furious second-half comeback ... one that, ultimately, fell short as polls closed at midnight. All in all, more than 120,000 votes were cast in the matchup, and Green Day ended up winning by less than 2,500. It was a nail-biter, a squeaker, and it came down to the wire.[/quote]
Great job guys, I'm sure Green Day are proud to have so many dedicated fans on their side. And a good job to the Paramore fans as well, they made for an interesting fight for the title. View the link for MTV's Musical March Madness here.
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