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Once a week we're going to be summarizing the weeks most popular topics on our forum, Green Day Community. Here's the list for this week:

1. Green Day, U2 and Metallica doing something? maybe? No one knows....
Following some reports about Billie Joe going out with members of U2 and Metallica, Bono mentioned during a recent U2 show that they wanted to do something with Green Day. We still don't know if they are actually planning anything, or you know, just talking like people do.

2. Billie Joe Tweets
A thread where people post and comment on whatever Billie Joe posts on Twitter. This page became popular this week after Billie Joe posted a picture of his cat, who's brother was "caught in the dryer".

3. Photos of Billie Joe Armstrong
A thread dedicated to users posting random photos of Billie Joe. Not sure why this specific page was so popular this week, but there are some pretty awesome photos that were shared.

4. I met Billie Joe and Adrienne last night
This is a recap from one of our members who had the chance to meet Billie Joe and his wife Adrienne at an Emily's Army show. Part of the post is recapping what happened, while the other part talks about why she is so appreciative of Green Day and their music.

5. Green Day Random News
Some of the smaller random news items that people stumble across. This page features the news about Mike Dirnt opening the second Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, and Billie Joe being a part of the American Idiot movie.

Those were the most visited threads on the forum this week. If you're not a member of our forum (which you need to be to read most of the topics), you can register for an account here (it's free), and feel free to join in on any of those conversations.
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