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In the most recent issue of Kerrang Magazine, Billie Joe is featured in the magazine's "30 Amazing Facts" section celebrating Kerrang's 30th anniversary.

Only 29 of the 30 facts are correct and if you can pick out what one is the false fact and email with "Billie Joe Facts" as the title and you will be entered to win a Kerrang goody bag. The fact that is wrong should be pretty obvious to anyone who is an avid Green Day fan.

You can read a scan of the article by clicking the thumbnail to the right. In addition, the magazine also comes with a poster of Tre cool as an added bonus!

The magazine is now available at local news stands or online for order at by clicking here.

Thanks to Megan and Bam-Itz-Green Day for sending this news and thanks to raven052 for the scans.
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