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Hey all, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Tre talks about what he thinks about Thanksgiving at Just think, a little bit more than a month till Christmas. Man where does the time go? Anyway, I got a new counter service because the other one was pissing me off. I started it at 2500 hits because I thought that was the last I saw the old one at. Anyway, I heard that Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre have all posted new messages on, but I have yet to hear anything about Tre's pants. Don't forget to catch the guys on The Late Late Show with Craig Killborn on CBS tomorrow @ 12:45AM. You know, right after David Letterman. And also if you're interested, Big Daddy with da man Adam Sandler is on tomorrow night on FOX. Don't ask me what time though, that's why we have TV Guide. :) Anyway, I'm out.
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