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A Bunch 'O Shit

By Courtney /Jan. 6, 2002 / Comments
Hey how's it hangin'? Bunch of website updates today, but first some GD News and some other website news. First of all, I heard a lot of shit that Green Day is breaking up. Let me make it all known to you that Green Day has not expressed anything relating to the band breaking up. They have 2 albums scheduled for release this year (so as I've heard), so why would they break up? Enough of that bullshit. Anyway, I've gathered this information that I must have missed from Green Day 'N' Kaka, who got it from The Official Green Day Fansite. They are promo tour dates: +

January 21st - Los Angeles, Ca @ Troubadour
January 23rd - Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Hotel
January 26th - New York, NY @ Roseland
January 27th - Boston, MA @ The Fleet Center
February 2nd - Montreal, Quebec @ Parc des Iies
February 3rd - Toronto, Ont. @ Molson Park (?)

+ Please note that I have had no confirmation of these promo dates. I have just heard about them from the above websites. Speaking of The Official Green Day Fansite, on Jan. 4 2002 the webmaster annoncced that he won't be doing the site anymore but will be letting news team update. *shrugs* Tyrone from GD Rox is asking all the Green Day Webmasters to join the new & improved The Tre Cool Top Site List. Now for my site. These pages were updated: The Fan List, Links, and Collector's Corner. Also, a picture page was added with pictures of Billie Joe's family. Click here to view them. Well that's about all I have for you. If I think of anything else, I'll add it later on in the day. Adios.
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