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I was going to update yesterday. I really was. But when I was on here my computer fucked up. I restarted it, and it was still fucked up. It wouldn't open up any programs that didn't open up with startup. Fucked up? Yes I know. Then I had to leave. Anyway, as you all might know, the Winter X VI Games in Aspen are tonight. You can watch the entire show at EXPN. You can view just one song or the entire show. Also the guy will be there for a chat later. But you can ask them a question now. Billie gave the answer to his movie trivia question at I'm not going to tell you what it is, Billie can tell you. By the way, check the GD TV Guide, lot of new shows coming. That's including an encore of Reverb on HBO. And ya know what sucks? I WAS AT THAT FUCKING SHOW AND I CAN'T EVEN SEE REVERB BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE FUCKING HBO. Sorry. Just so you know, all the tv information I have updated is from Green Day Fan Site. Tons of News articles also. Here's a list: +

+ Blink-182/Green Day to tour together @ Jam Music +
+ Green Day and Blink-182 join forces for North American tour @ NME +
+ Green Day and Blink-182 plan Co-Headlining Tour @ Anti Music +
+ Green Day And Blink-182: A Match Made In Heaven @ Chart Attack +
+ Blink 182 And Green Day To Hit The Road Together @ Launch +

+ 'International Superhits' is now certified Gold. Yay. and Green Day > Uk are lookin' pretty good with brand spankin' new designs. Anyone wanna volunteer to make a new design for this site? I suck at new designs, just look at the page now. Well, I like the menu. I also need a new little graphic for the top of the side menu. Interested? E-mail me here or sign my guestbook. Well that's about it. Ta ta for now.
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