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Zim You all are doomed! Hi. How's it hanging? That's great. I'm great. Nah, I lied, I'm never great. Anyway. I'm going to try to do some more updating today so this message might change a coupla times. Fun fun. Vote for The Green Day Authority for the XFS Challenge of the Month and I'll love you forever. As a lot of you might know, Green Day is featured on the cover and in a huge article in this month's Total Guitar magazine. Here in the USA, we can't get it unless we pay $20 for some guy off eBay to send it to us (BTW, if any of you bastards outbid me you'll have hell to pay :) ). So if you don't want to spend that much money on the magazine, you can read and view all the articles at 409 Online. There's also going to be an Offical (I guess) Pop Disaster Tour website located at (it's not open yet). If you recall there's a pretty damn good one at Why we need 2...I don't really know. Two new AOL Buddy Icons were added to the Downloads page. And last, if you've e-mailed me lately and thought I was a bitch for not answering you, you might just get a response today. Excuse me if I've been busy, but you're right about one thing, I am a bitch. Blah.
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