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Finally! Some news about the new b-side album from LiveWire Magazine:

Green Day
Release Date: Summer 2002 (Reprise)
Album Title: TBA
Extra Info: Songs most likely to make the disc: "Sick", "Rotting", "Stuck With Me", "On The Wagon Again", "Suffocate", "Tired of Waiting For You" (Kinks cover), "Outsider" (Ramones cover)...b-side stuff

Well that's hopeful, eh? Thanks to 409 Online for the info. This guy named Doobie from Greenday.com posted new pictures there from The Bridge School Benefit in 1999. Green Day now have wrapped up their mini-Japan tour and are gearing up for the Pop Disaster Tour which kicks off at the Centennial Garden in Bakersfield, CA on April 17th already. Can you believe there were rumors that Green Day dropped out of the tour? Yeah, like Green Day would really fuck over their fans like that. Calling all Green Day artists.....Green Day Crap is having a contest to win any one of Green Day's albums. All you have to do is submit your art at the site by April 16th. Then the visitors of the site will vote on the best peice. Head on over to Green Day Crap for more details. Pages that were updated on my site are The Fan List and Collector's Corner.
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