[caption=Cover of the UK single for Good Riddance]060712_1339050605_tmp_Green-Day-Time-Of-Your-Life-248902.jpg[/caption]To celebrate the end of the school year, Rolling Stone asked its readers to rank their ten favorite graduation songs of all time. A wide variety of great artists were included in the list, such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Queen, and our boys, Green Day. "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" came in at number two, bowing only to Alice Cooper's "School's Out." Although it's always nice to see Green Day come in on top, let's face it guys: if the band is gonna finish second in a poll about graduation songs, at least they only lost to the classic "School's Out."

Released on December 23, 1997 as the second single for Nimrod., "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" gets mixed reactions from Green Day fans. Some say it's been overplayed and worn out, while others chalk it up as a favorite Green Day song. Regardless of your opinion, this statement from Rolling Stone's description of the song should stand true: "It's a tearjerker for people who haaaaate to have tears jerked out of them."

Thanks to Diane Punkinhead Merz for sending this news.
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