Cover Artwork for Green Day's upcoming album ¡Uno!
Green Day has just released the album artwork for the first album, ¡Uno!, from their upcoming trilogy. The artwork for the first album features Billie Joe, with his eyes crossed out similar to the Awesome As Fuck bunny on top of a green background. The album is coming out September 25th, you'll be able to pre-order from soon.

The accompanying video also shows a preview of an upcoming song, along with a setlist for Uno. According to the video, we're looking at a total of 12-17 songs, possibly. We think the song playing is Kill the DJ, but aren't really sure yet.

Update June 26th: Here's the actual tracklist for ¡Uno! along with pre-order information.

Looking for more news about the upcoming trilogy, check out all related stories right here. Here's a recap we wrote earlier this year of all the info we knew so far.

Here are the songs listed on the board behind Billie Joe, I'm assuming it's for Uno, of course it could change and some songs might be for ¡Dos! or ¡Tre!.

1) Nuclear Family
2) Stay The Night
3) Carpe Diem
4) Let Yourself Go
5) Fell For You
6) Crushing Bastards
7) Teenage Blue / Angel Blue
8) Trouble Maker
9) Hello Firecracker
10) See You Tonight
11) It's Fuck Time
12) Stop When The Red Lights Flash
13) Kill the DJ
14) Lazy Bones
15) Wild One
16) Makeout Party
17) Drama Queen

On another image in the video, there are some more songs listed not on the above list. It's a little unclear which will actually be on the album.

1) Oh Love
2) State of Shock
3) Sweet 16
4) Little Boy Named Train
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