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After yesterday's release of "Oh Love," Green Day's first single off of the forthcoming ¡Uno! many major news sites have begun voicing their opinions of the new song. Unfortunately some were disappointed when they didn't receive the "big bang" that they were expecting while others were simply excited to actually have a new Green Day song.

Rolling Stone: Premiere Green Day's power pop new single "Oh Love"
Rolling Stone gives "Oh Love" an awesome four star review phrasing the songs tight, addicting bundle of pop-hook class and crunchy-punk fundamentals. At one point they even compare Billie Joe to John Lennon of the Beatles with his bright, strident vocals and crisply strummed guitar. In another article that takes excepts from an unreleased Rolling Stone interview with Mike Dirnt in the studio last month Mike says, "We were just thinking about making a killer power-pop record - dirtier, back to basics. We tapped into our version of Exile on Main Street."

Entertainment Weekly: Green Day release 'Oh Love,' first single from trio of albums
Impressed with the song, Entertainment Weekly praises Billie Joe for still being able to pull off his signature sneer at age 40. The article describes the song as "a choppy midtempo jam that recalls the ambling power pop of the group's pre-concept album turn-of-the-century stuff." They seem happy that Green Day has veered away from rock operas and are back to straight up rock n' roll.

NME: Green Day "Oh Love" - They're back! With a whimper, not a bang
Unfortunately NME didn't seem to be as impressed with the song as some of the other music outlets. They were looking for a more "pump-ass," "hell yeah lets go break some stuff" type of song to kick off the bands three album trilogy. Starting off the article with a sarcastic headline "Their back! With a whimper" makes me think that they are judging all three albums with only one song. It will be interesting to see how their opinion changes as more material starts to be released over the coming months.

Punk News: Green Day "Oh Love"
Our final article of the day is from Punk News who doesn't say much in their initial news post, but the comments section of their site, much like Ultimate Guitar, is always a blast to read. Most of the time commenters are pretty harsh, but every now and then a few valid points are brought up. One of the top comments says that they feel the song could be better if it was tightened up from five into three minutes. Personally I'm excited to see what the radio edit of "Oh Love" sounds like and to see what changes were made to make the song more "radio friendly."

Have some extra spare time on your hands? Feel free to sift through the hundreds of reviews and articles on "Oh Love" over on Google News or leave us a comment with your thoughts.

If you haven't already, take a listen to "Oh Love" in our post from yesterday. After that you can purchase the song on either iTunes or Amazon.com.
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