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Small Update.

By Courtney /May. 12, 2012 / Comments
Hey everyone, I'm gonna make this fast because I hurt my finger and it kinda hurts to type. Word is out that the new b-side album will be releasd in mid-July (just in the time for my birthday), and is tentatively named "Shenanigans". As far as I know though, this is not official. There's an interview with Tre at San Antonio Express :

"We just recorded a song on the bus so, yeah, I guess (the new album) is in the works," Cool says. "We were working on a lot of songs before we came out on tour so I'd say it's about halfway written."

They also mentioned that they did some covers for the new album. As for the website, a new link was added to the Links page, and also some new fans were added to the Fan List. I have some concert reviews to put on, but I'll get around to that when I get some more. My new co-webmaster and I are working on a Song Meanings page, but we're only about half done and he's having some problems with his computer. Oh yeah and I told you I'd tell you how I liked The New Guy. It was ok, but some parts were pretty stupid. I'd still say go see it. I heard Spiderman was good though too, but that's not my type of movie. Well I must go. Happy Mother's Day (USA)!
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