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[caption=¡Uno!]082312_uno.jpg[/caption]NME recently got the opportunity to listen to Green Day's upcoming album, ¡Uno!, in full and have published a short track-by-track analysis of the album. They say that the first four songs are "chuggers," which is the Green Day we all know and love. After that, things start to change up a bit before ending very sweet and mellow.

The author of the article states that the album's low-spot is "Kill the DJ;" which, if that's the case, then we're really in for a treat, since, in my opinion, "Kill the DJ" is a fantastic number.

They had this to say about the album overall:

[quote]If you wish the modern Green Day were a bit more like the band that released the seminal slacker album 'Dookie' back in 1994, you're probably going to love '¡Uno!'. This is a great addition to the Green Day catalogue; and more than that, it's their most fun album in years.[/quote]
You can read the track-by-track analysis over at NME by clicking here.

A side note: One thing us fans have been wondering for a while is what happened to the track "Last Gang in Town." Well, we now know that it is in fact the track "Rusty James."
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