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[caption=Ellen Degeneres]090112_ellen.jpg[/caption]Later this month on September 27th, Green Day will perform on the Ellen Degeneres Show. This is the first time the band has appeared on the show, which generally features comedy, laughter, dancing, celebrities, and musical guests. It's not your typical daytime talk show; it's better.

All the shows are taped in advanced of the airing date. At this point, we're not sure when the taping will take place. Unfortunately, tickets for the taping are already sold out.

In my opinion, this is certainly a strange appearance for the band. But who am I to judge? Publicity is publicity!

The show airs on a variety of networks and at different times here in the US. Check this page for show times and channel.

Don't know who Ellen is? Well, you may remember her as the voice of Dory in the (fantastic) movie Finding Nemo.
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