Australian band KANG have released this song called "I Heart Radio" which was posted on Kill Your Scene a couple days ago. The song is about Green Day and it's pretty fun.

The song is available on iTunes.

One of the verses, just to give you an idea:
[quote]I've been around this town,,
For 20 fucking years, since '88,
Splashed the boulevard,
Without blood, piss and tears.

If you could call it my
21st Century Breakdown,
Don't give a fuck,
Don't give a damn...[/quote]

One of the band members stopped by our forum and said
[quote]Hey guys, I'm actually a member of the band. Glad to hear you guys dig it, you have no idea how big a morale boost this is! :D[/quote]

You guys can get more info about the band on their Facebook page.

Full lyrics can be found on our forum.

Thanks to Trevor Davies for sending this news.
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