[pic=¡Dos! album artwork]100512_dosartwork.jpg[/pic]Green Day's second album in their three album trilogy, ¡Dos! is now being streamed on week early on Rolling Stone.com.

[quote]On ¡Dos! Green Day serves up a short but sweet platter of thirteen tracks that rock hard and fast. Opener "See You Tonight" features Billie Joe Armstrong by himself, singing over light guitar strums and clocks in at barely over a minute. "Fuck Time" kicks things up a notch, packing retro guitar riffs over forceful drums, and from there, Green Day never look back, cramming the rest of the record full of garage-rock snarl ("Makeout Party"), vintage pop-punk ("Ashley") and bubblegum hooks (single "Stray Heart"). ¡Dos! may be over quickly, but the tracks will stick around in your head for quite a while.[/quote]

Some tracks that stood out to me on my first listen included "See You Tonight," "Lazy Bones," "Wild One," and "Wow! That's Loud."

What do you guys think of ¡Dos!? Better than ¡Uno!? Let us know in the comments!
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