Let's promote ¡Dos! ourselves!
Are you all ready for the official release of the next installment in the Green Day trilogy, ¡Dos!, on Tuesday? That better be a "hell yes," as far as I'm concerned.

With the band missing-in-action as of late, it seems the promotion of ¡Dos! has been pretty stagnant, unfortunately.

Over on the forum, we've had a thread for a couple weeks now, but it's time for our lovely visitors here on GDA (that means you!) to help out!

We need every last one of you to promote ¡Dos! in at least one form or fashion. By doing this, we believe we can get the word out about ¡Dos! and give it the promotion it deserves as it is a killer album.

There are countless ways you can help us promote the album. We've listed quite a few below but feel free to use your imagination! Just be sure to use the hashtag #DOS!

Some examples of things you can do on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Facebook status: "Green Day's album ¡Dos! is coming this Tuesday (11/13). Be sure to check it out! You won't be disappointed."

  • Twitter post: "New #GreenDay album coming Tuesday (11/13) called ¡Dos!. Pick it up because it will rock your socks off! No joke #DOS"

Let's at least get #DOS trending on Twitter! Not just today, but through the release date of the album! ¡Uno! was number two on the Billboard charts. Let's have ¡Dos! top that and top the list!

Also, let people know they can pre-order on iTunes by using this link: http://bit.ly/PLQptQ. Copy and paste it into your Tweets and Facebook posts!

Another great way you can help is with some of these images created by us here at GDA. Below is a Facebook/Twitter profile pic, Facebook timeline photo, and a Twitter header image. Please use these on your accounts! Click the thumbnails below to view and download the full image.

Facebook/Twitter profile pic
Facebook timeline photo
Twitter header photo

Do you have other ideas on how we can promote ¡Dos!? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email with your thoughts: matt@greendayauthority.com
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