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[Pic=Green Day vinyl test pressing]123112_rsz_kgrhqnh8fddp5wmbq32t4njvg~~60_12.jpg[/pic]Since 2012 is ending, we decided we'd show you a few more unique Green Day-related eBay items. There's essentially no way to cleverly connect the end of this year and Green Day stuff, so there you have it.

Today, we're featuring a number of vinyl test pressings. These are the first records that are pressed for a release, before the full round of vinyl pressings. Test pressings are fairly rare, and I've personally only seen a few for the new trilogy albums. We have two for Green Day (¡Uno! and ¡Dos!), and four for Pinhead Gunpowder (Compulsive Disclosure, Goodbye Ellston Avenue, Shoot The Moon, and Jump Salty), a sort of side-project band for Billie Joe that most of you are probably familiar with.

The Green Day pressings are both auctions, one beginning at $150 (...I know, but we wanted to include it anyway), and the other beginning at a more reasonable $30. The Pinhead Gunpowder records are all being sold in Buy-It-Now auctions for $60. Click the pictures to check them out!

[url=][captionRow=Green Day - ¡Dos!]123112_rsz_t2ec16nhjgke9no8ggsbq24y7vzq~~60_57.jpg[/caption][/url][url=][captionRow=Green Day - ¡Uno!]123112_rsz_kgrhqnh8fddp5wmbq32t4njvg~~60_12.jpg[/caption][/url][url=][captionRow=Pinhead Gunpowder - Compulsive Disclosure]123112_rsz_b-d7zgewk~kgrhqvikezn2yyuowbm-rsm8ye~~_35.jpg[/caption][/url][url=][captionRow=Pinhead Gunpowder - Goodbye Ellston Avenue]123112_rsz_b-d7zgewk~kgrhqvikezn2yyuowbm-rsm8ye~~_35.jpg[/caption][/url][url=][captionRow=Pinhead Gunpowder - Shoot The Moon]123112_rsz_b-d7zgewk~kgrhqvikezn2yyuowbm-rsm8ye~~_35.jpg[/caption][/url][url=][captionRow=Pinhead Gunpowder - Jump Salty]123112_rsz_b-d7zgewk~kgrhqvikezn2yyuowbm-rsm8ye~~_35.jpg[/caption][/url]

Also, with 2012 coming to an end (and I know it already has for some of you!), Andres, Matt, Jimmy, and I would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year from GDA. Although the end of 2012 brought some turbulent times for both the band and its fans, this year also brought us three new Green Day albums. And with things looking up for 2013, who can argue with that?
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