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[pic=Back when Green Day was good]052213_early.jpg[/pic]The always controversial is at it again with an article titled, "4 Common Music Arguments and What They Really Mean," and the classic "I liked them until they got popular" line has made the list. The writer's example band? Green Day. But don't worry, it's in good spirit this time.

The writer addresses the the always hilarious issue of people not liking a band anymore because they got popular, and he/she uses Green Day as the example, which is absolutely perfect. The band has the classic storyline of getting big locally and underground and then break the chains, sign to a major label, and then get extremely popular.

[quote]As everyone knows, Green Day was only a good band on those first two albums where all the songs sound exactly the same because they're all the same song. Those were the golden years. Then everyone heard "When I Come Around" and lost their shit and one thing led to another and now Green Day is the worst thing that ever happened to anyone.[/quote]
I love the sarcasm because that's exactly what the "haters" (I dislike that word) say.

[quote]Wanting to be part of your own little group is perfectly understandable; wanting the entity that brought you together to enjoy as little success as possible in life is not.[/quote]
The whole article can be read over on Cracked by clicking here.
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