[pic=Mike interviewed on Finnish radio]060513_mikeradio.jpg[/pic]Green Day fans received a nice surprise today when Mike Dirnt was interviewed by Finnish radio station, Radio Rock.

The audio can be heard in the player below:

In the interview, Mike talked quite a bit about the current tour, specifically as it relates to the band's decision making when choosing songs to play, as well as planning the tour after Billie Joe's rehab stint.

[quote]The way that the new songs from ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! are blending with the older songs [is a nice surprise]. We choose songs from each of the three albums every night, but we don't try to play all of the albums. In the past, we've tried to choose 5 to 7 songs from each of the past albums so we did the same for this. There are so many we have to leave some off the setlist. But the great thing is that we can change things up each night. It's a good problem to have.
I was concerned for the longevity of the band. I knew we needed to take some time and everybody needed to get well and come back and do it right, instead of rushing and doing it all wrong.[/quote]
Mike also talked about ¡Cuatro!. He hopes that the band will release an "extended version" of the film for fans that shows how much effort the band put into the recording of the trilogy albums.

[quote]I want to put out a lot of versions for people. There will be the main version where people can see the creative process. But I want to put out extended versions for the hardcore fans so they can see that we play these songs every day and see the work, the process, and how the work can fun but how it can be focused. See a side of us that they may have never really known.[/quote]
Something that is really cool is that Mike talked about how the band has brought fans together and created life long friendships. Without specifically mentioning it, we can tell he is talking about our forum, Green Day Community, and the members on it.

[quote]The cool thing I see now is how fans meet each other online and become lifelong friends. They get together and go to a couple shows a year as well as vacationing to see each other outside of our tours.[/quote]

Big thanks to Florence on GDC for recording the interview and uploading it for everyone to hear!
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