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Why, hello you sexy green underlings. Lots of you have been emailing about our sticker giveaways for both the VMA contest and Banner contest. We will post the winners this coming Sunday.
Those of you that watched the VMA's saw that commercial for Yahoo! with animated Green Day playing "Holiday". We thought it'd be fun for everyone else to check it out. So view it here.

There is a Green Day iPod Case for sale from iPod Garage. The guy from mac that emailed us about that case said there is no talk about a S.E. Green Day iPod. Sorry.

I'm flying out tomorrow to PA to meet up with Courtney and her strange friends. Courtney, Tyke, Matt, Keith, and myself will all be at the Green Day concert at Giants Stadium this Thursday (9/1) in NJ. If you see us come up and talk to us, we'll give you guys a few GDA stickers or something. We wont beat you up, well Courtney might, but I'm nice.

We look foward to meeting you fellow Green Day stalkers. So until Sunday updates may be rare, until then take care
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