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MTV has an article on Samuel Bayer, click here to read. I particulary liked the part of the article where it says that Sam is currently working on Green Day's live DVD, due out this Christmas.

Green Day got five Kerrang! Music Awards Nominations. Surprise surprise.

Have a question for Green Day? You can ask them here, at the new (like All Ages wasn't the Idiot Club previously?!) Idiot Club on If I were you, I'd refrain from asking stupid fucking questions like, Billie Joe will you marry me?, or When are you coming to (insert town, state, country)?. You can also view the Wake Me Up video at the offical site now. Remember, GDA isn't going to put the video up for download. Why? Because there's 10,000 other websites to find it on!

Start voting for the new video at MTV's TRL. This song deserves to be #1 everywhere.
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