Last night was opening night for the American Idiot Musical on Broadway. The New York Times has written a really great review for the show.

"A pulsating portrait of wasted youth that invokes all the standard genre conventions - bring on the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, please! - only to transcend them through the power of its music and the artistry of its execution, the show is as invigorating and ultimately as moving as anything I've seen on Broadway this season. Or maybe for a few seasons past."

Read the full review.

J'net and I were lucky enough to attend opening night and the after party, my sincerest thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me be at this show. I wish I could have taken all of you with me. And i owe a major thanks to Beth, J'net and Cheryl - for convincing me to come in the first place, helping me get here, and giving me a place to stay. I owe each of you more than I could ever repay.

The musical itself was mind-blowing. I know a lot of fans have been sketchy about seeing a production like this, but you really need to see it to appreciate its greatness. We had a chance to talk to Billie Joe last night, and he said something along the lines of "if the people who aren't sure about it got a chance to see, it'd change their views on what Broadway could be". And it absolutely would.

If you're a Green Day fan, and more specifically a fan of the music and story shared in American Idiot, there's no way you could be more pleased seeing this show. The story, the performers, it's all incredible. J'net and I will work on a full review which we'll post up next week some time.

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