With the first leg of the 99 Revolutions tour coming to an end, we are either suffering from post concert depression, or still anxiously awaiting a tour date. Since most of us already have the trilogy blasting out our speakers to help us cope, why not take it a step further and get creative at the same time?...with a trilogy-themed photography contest!

Description: Select any one of the 37 songs from the ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ! trilogy and capture its theme in a single photographic image. Remember to think outside the box, and use anything available to you in order to create the best image you can. The GDC mod team will decide on the top 40 entries to go through which will then be voted on by GDC members, whom will be choosing the top 10. The winning entry will then be chosen by GDA visitors. Photographs will be judged based upon how well the theme is captured, originality, and image quality. All entries (whether selected or not) will be shown after a winner is confirmed.

Deadline: August 2nd, 11:59pm Eastern time

Please email entries to gdavisitors@gmail.com and DO include the song title in the subject line.

A few basic rules:
  • One Entry per person
  • Entries must be safe for work, this means no nudity!
  • Please keep editing down to a minimum. There can be some modification but please don't insert things that weren't there etc...
  • Photograph should have been created for this contest.
  • Photograph must have been taken by you, no plagiarism!

    Prize: Green Day bootleg OR Idiot Nation membership.

    Please visit this topic on our forum to talk about the contest, and to see a list of what CDs you can choose from with the bootleg CD prize.
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