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[pic=New road-worn Mike Dirnt Fender P-Bass]082113_mike_bass_road.jpg[/pic]Just today, Fender and Squier Guitars (a company owned by Fender) announced the debut of two new versions of Mike Dirnt's P-Bass: the Fender Mike Dirnt Signature Road-Worn Precision Bass, and the Squier Mike Dirnt Signature Precision Bass. If you aren't familiar with basses or guitars, the "P-Bass," as it's typically called, has been Mike's go-to bass since Billie Joe gave him one as a gift around the Nimrod era. Mike has produced signature basses with both Fender and the usually more affordable Squier brand in the past. Now, the companies have made some changes to both versions of the Mike Dirnt P-Bass, and released these new versions.

The new Fender version of Mike's P-Bass is "road worn," meaning that the basses were intentionally scratched, chipped, and paint-rubbed after being built to give them a classic, relic-type look. Here's the official description of the new version of the bass from the Squier site:

[quote]Dude, seriously, every day is a Green Day when you suit up with the Mike Dirnt Precision Bass®. It's a way-cool take on an early '50s Precision Bass, designed to the oft-airborne Green Day bassist's own specifications, with a huge, gnarly punk-pop sound that effortlessly punches right through the thickest guitar attack. This new version sports some subtle aesthetic changes. The special star graphic has moved to the neck plate and Mike chose some new pickguards to adorn his bass.[/quote]

Mike's Fender Signature P-Basses start at around $1,000 for the old version, and $1,500 for the new road-worn version (see the video below). The Squier versions go for about $500, and are still designed with Mike's kick-ass specs in mind. Mike goes so far as to say that the SQUIER version of the bass is the loudest bass he's ever owned. Check them out!
Here's another video of Mike talking about his higher-end Fender signature basses:


Here's a video of Mike playing and discussing the more affordable Squier versions of his basses (note: the video shows the older generation of the bass, which has now been redesigned):


Thanks to Bruno for sending in this news.
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