Dookie vinyl
Over on our forum we're having a photography contest to celebrate the end of a fabulous year. We're asking for you guys to submit your best photo that you took this year, Green Day related or not. The winner will be receiving a Dookie vinyl.

  • One Entry per person
  • Please keep editing down to a minimum. There can be some modification but please don't insert things that weren't there etc..
  • The picture has to have been taken in 2013
  • The mod team will decide on the best 10 entries to go through to be voted on by GDC members!
  • All entries (whether selected or not) will be shown after a winner is confirmed!

    Read this topic for info on how to enter.

    Submission deadline - December 28, 2013, 11:59pm EST
  • Did we miss something? Submit News.
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