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[pic=One of the American Idiot posters]020914_rsz_t2ec16hhjhge9n0yhfphbropilsjsw~~60_3.jpg[/pic]Each time Green Day releases an album, specially-printed promotional posters are sent to record stores for display in windows. These double-sided posters are never sold or given away as freebies. On one side of each poster is the cover of the current album. On the flip side, there's alternative album artwork, tour info, release dates, and other miscellaneous details. Usually, the back side features some pretty interesting stuff. These specific types of posters are printed on special stock paper, and are 12" x 12" (the size of a vinyl album).

A handful of sellers on eBay with record store connections have had some of these types of Green Day posters for sale for awhile. I've been eyeing them, because they'd make great wall hangings, and the designs/artwork on the back side of each poster usually can't be found anywhere else. Click these links to view some auctions that feature record store promo posters from the releases of Nimrod, Warning, International Superhits!, Shenanigans, American Idiot (Auction: #1, #2, #3), and Bullet In A Bible. Most sellers have more than one of each poster for sale (and at VERY reasonable prices), so go check them out!

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