These Paper Bullets with original music by Billie Joe
It was announced almost exactly one year ago that Billie Joe would be writing original songs for the upcoming production titled "These Paper Bullets". Playwright Rolin Jones and director Jackson Gay sat down for an interview with the New Haven Register to talk about the play and about Billie Joe's involvement in the project:

"Jones, who’s met with Armstrong several times to discuss his film adaptation of “American Idiot,” Green Day’s Broadway musical, explained his idea to Armstrong.

“I talked him through ‘Much Ado’ because he said, ‘You know, I barely finished high school’” said Jones. “He leaned back, stared at me and was like, ‘OK. Let me get this straight: You’re going to rewrite Shakespeare and I’m gonna rewrite The Beatles — right?’

“A few days later, he had the first song,” Jones said. “He’d written it, played the drums, the bass, the guitar, crafted a demo. Then three days later, another one came through.”

Armstrong wrote eight songs for the show, five of which The Quartos perform live, and three heard over record players and jukeboxes, Jones said.

“This man’s crazily gifted,” Jones said. “And they sound amazingly like Beatles from, like ‘Help!’ to ‘Rubber Soul.’”"

Billie Joe wrote 8 original songs, meant to resemble songs by The Beatles. This sounds like something I'd LOVE to hear.

Read the full interview over at at They explain a lot about how this whole production came to be and what they aimed for in doing it.

The play will start run March 14th - April 5th at Yale Repertory Theatre.

UPDATE: Listen to one of the songs "Follow You Around".

Thanks to rebelpunx for sending this news in
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