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Billie Joe playing the role of St. Jimmy in American Idiot on Broadway
Currently, The New York Times is reporting that Billie Joe is back into the world of theater again. This time instead of adapting another Green Day song for the stage he will be writing songs for Yale Repertory Theater’s production of “These Paper Bullets.”
"The play, adapted by Rolin Jones (“The Jammer”) and directed by Jackson Gay, centers on a band from Liverpool dealing with romance and the music industry in London. The project marks a return to theater for Mr. Armstrong, who was a key creative force behind the 2010 Broadway musical “American Idiot,” which was based on Green Day songs, and who is resuming a band tour this month after treatment for substance abuse."

“These Paper Bullets” is scheduled to have its world premiere next March.

While working on the American Idiot Musical, Billie openly expressed that he was interested in working more in the theatre sometime in the future. You can read the whole article over on NYTimes.com by clicking here.
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