A Green Day-themed merch frenzy came shortly after the release and widespread success of American Idiot. You name it, the band's faces or logos were probably plastered on it. Candles, alarm clocks, bed sheets, note paper, and heart grenade-shaped stress balls (among other things) were licensed and manufactured. Once in awhile, some of these decade-old rarities pop up on eBay. This era also produced the goods we'd like to show you this week: one of the more well-known Green Day collectibles out there, and equally as sought after.

Limited edition Green Day SuperActionFigures, the plastic likenesses of Billie Joe, Mike, and Tré, were originally sold for $15 in select novelty stores. Today, a set of three can set you back anywhere from about $75-$200, as they are no longer available for purchase anywhere else. I've got a set of three myself! They come in two varieties: all three figures in separate boxes, or the more rare single box containing all three. These find their way onto eBay every so often, and currently, there are three separate auctions for the SuperActionFigures. The first two are sets of three, and the last one is the rarer single box. The actual packaging and boxes being intact makes a difference, in terms of toy value. The first auction starts at only $40, a great price for these awesome figures!

Click on each photo below to view the auctions:

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