Alright, I'm still trying to get my head around this - so bear with me. A couple photos of Tre were recently posted on Instagram with the following caption:

[quote]And that's wrap! A fun yesterday with the Icelandic death metal band the #DeadMermaids featuring "Bjorn Roarkson" drums & vocals, the "Halibut" lead guitar & the "Silverfish" on bass is in the can. The video for their single "My Fish" from their self-titled debut EP will be out in mid-October![/quote]

Then "Bjorn" showed up at a Yoga class:

Someone on GDC pointed out the story of Bjorn Roarkson was actually part of this promotional video for SJC Drums:


And final clue I have is that the above video was posted September 18th on the site with the title "BJORN B ROARKSON" and tagged under "Dead Mermaids". Roark appears to be a clothing line with some creativity behind it. Here's part of their "About Us"
[quote]The line is derivative of Roark's experiences, consisting of images, thoughts and trinkets collected along the course of his adventures. They are the artifacts of his experience. [/quote]

So there you go. Now you know everything I do. Feel free to piece your own theories together in the comments below.

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