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Last night, Billie Joe and friends (almost Green Day) performed after the Tribeca Film Festival showing of Geezer. Tré Cool, Jeff Matika, Jesse Malin and Joan Jett joined Billie Joe to perform this short setlist:

  1. "Devil's Kind"

  2. "Scattered"

  3. "American Idiot" (w/ Joan Jett)

  4. "Bad Reputation" (w/ Joan Jett)

  5. "Ordinary World" (debut performance)

More show notes and info can be found on our tour page. For photos of the set and an mp3 download of Billie Joe's closer, "Ordinary World," see this post.

Below are videos of the songs listed above:

"Devil's Kind"




"American Idiot"/"Bad Reputation" (w/ Joan Jett)


"Ordinary World"

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