Featured today are 3 sets of guitar picks from Green Day's American Idiot and ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRE! tours. These are the actual guitar picks used by the band onstage. Sometimes, a few are thrown out during or after shows, but otherwise, they're very hard to come by!

  • The first American Idiot tour set is two heart-grenade logo guitar picks (the red pick was Jason White's, and the black pick was Billie Joe's).

  • The second set, two picks with much rarer designs, weren't used at too many shows (both picks were most likely made for Billie Joe). They're also from the American Idiot tour.

  • The last set is three picks from the ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRE! tour. The picks have each band member's face on the fronts and a respective logo/signature on the backs. There were promotional picks given out at Record Store Day when the albums were being released, but these are actual tour picks. And, yes...Tré Cool did have a tour pick made for himself, which is included in the set!

I really enjoy collecting guitar picks because they're a great, small way to collect small pieces of Green Day shows from various eras. I have a collection of 50 Green Day picks and I still don't quite have all of them! It's not often that some of these picks show up on eBay, and almost never in sets or for reasonable prices. Take a look at these picks and put in a bid or two!
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