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Rolling Stone's Instagram account has posted the cover of their next issue and a new Green Day article is mentioned on the cover.

The article is titled "Green Day: Back from Hell," which is certainly a play on the 2013 Rolling Stone Billie Joe feature titled "Billie Joe: The Road Back from Hell." At this time, the only thing we know about the article is its title, but considering the band's past relationship with Rolling Stone, it's safe to say the article will talk about the band's new album and feature an interview.

We are hoping for an article similar to ones from 2012 and 2009.

The issue's cover lists a street date of August 25th, which is when it will hit newsstands at magazine retailers. That day, or even a few days before, is the realistic time we'd be able to get our hands on it. Rolling Stone could certainly post the entire article (or a portion of it) on their website around that same time.

Thanks to etty_gd for sharing on GDC
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