As we mentioned yesterday, an article about Green Day will be included in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.

This morning, the pop culture magazine's website posted a little preview of Revolution Radio and an in-depth interview with Billie Joe about the album, troubles with the band, the Trilogy, life, and much more.

Rolling Stone mentions that the band's upcoming album, Revolution Radio, is "a collection of songs about the chaotic state of America in 2016." They mention it's not a strictly political album, like American Idiot, but certainly touches on recent pressing social issues.

In the interview portion, Billie Joe mentions that the album, which took about 5-6 months to record, is self-produced.

[quote]For us it was just like, "Let's get in there the three of us with our engineer Chris Dugan and just do this ourselves." This time I just wanted to feel the freedom of just depending on ourselves and getting in a room. There's no in-between person and we're forced to sort of be in there with each other. So it was really interesting to kind of see how everybody interfaced with each other.[/quote]

Billie Joe also touches on "Bang Bang," the first single from the album (listen here!). He mentions it was the first song he wrote and is written from the perspective of a mass shooter.

The article goes through a few other songs on the album, such as "Somewhere Now, " "Revolution Radio," "Still Breathing," "Too Dumb to Die," and "Ordinary World." Check out the full tracklist in our music section.

Check out the entire article now on Rolling Stone's website.
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