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Tre was recently interviewed on Virgin Radio and answered a few questions about Revolution Radio, winning the Global Icon award at the MTV EMAs, and the band in general. When asked to comment on whether other rock bands releasing a new album this year was a coincidence or not he replied:

"We all got together like the Justice League and Blink-182 and Sum 41 and Good Charlotte and Green Day, we have this crystal palace that we go to and we all sat around the table. Superman was there and it was cool and we all planned to be a gigantic year for punk rock. No one is supposed to know that so don't tell anybody!"

Sorry Tre. They also talked about alternative band names for Green Day.

"Green Day's a good name. It'll work. I can spell it. I can remember it."

Check out the interview in the video and see below for a translation of the question.

Thanks to Stuart&Ave for posting this on the forum

0:23 Your twelfth studio album Revolution Radio came out last month, four years after the last album. Why did you wait so long?

1:09 We feel there is a lot of anger in this album, more than usual. What are you angry about/why are you angry?

1:45 Last Saturday, you’ve received the Global Icon Award at the MTV EMAs. Do you consider yourselves icons?

2:16 In the clip of “Still Breathing”, Mike and yourself seem to be waiting for Billie Joe. Is that what really happened? Did the group wait for him at some point?

2:47 You’ve shared 30 years of your life with Billie Joe and Mike. How has it been?

3:41 There are twelve Green Day albums released to this day. Which one are you most proud of?

3:49 What’s a track off the album you would like to talk about?

4:13 This year Blink-182, Sum 41, and even Good Charlotte decided to return. This seems like a funny coincidence, no?

5:09 The musical trend is very electronic oriented at the moment. What do you think?

5:36 At this level of your career, do you think Green Day can still take risks and completely experiment?

5:52 Muse, for example, recently stated they wanted to include a rapper in their songs.

6:02 What would your band’s name be today if it wasn’t Green Day?

6:26 To end, an exclusive for virginradio.fr?
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